Vivek Katial

PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne

Vivek Katial

Vivek Katial

Data Scientist and PhD Candidate

University of Melbourne

Good Data Institute



Currently the Executive Director at the Good Data Institute, Data Scientist at Multitudes and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne School of Mathematics and Statistics. My PhD research is conducting Instance Space analysis on Quantum optimisation algorithms, under the supervision of Prof. Kate Smith-Miles and Dr Charles Hill

I am someone who loves math, coding and travel. I pride myself on making my work reproducible and thrive for best practice. I enjoy getting my hands dirty in data and am always looking for opportunities where technology can be used for social good.


  • Quantum Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Discrete Optimisation
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Data for Social Good
  • Mission Driven Start ups


  • PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, 2019 - Present

    University of Melbourne

  • BE (Hons) in Engineering Science, 2017

    University of Auckland

  • BSc in Statistics, 2017

    University of Auckland




Linux / Bash



AWS / Cloud




EZ-EXPERIMENTr is a toolkit designed to help researchers run automated experiments on a cluster.


This is a shiny app I have developed which showcases how to make Shiny apps look nice using HTMLTemplates. The app itself explores my uber data.



Data Scientist


May 2019 – Present Auckland

Multitudes is a Y Combinator backed tech company. We provide software that integrates with online collaboration tools to provide insight into team dynamics and behaviour. Our aim is to eliminate bias by showing actual behaviour, which in turn empowers teams to improve their performance, inclusivity, trust, and growth.

I’m currently a member of the founding team and I design and build data solutions for the Multitudes platform.


Executive Director

Good Data Institute

Mar 2019 – Present Melbourne
The GDI is a non-profit organisation that unites data and analytics professionals with non-profits. As the Executive Director I am responsible for growth, governance and the strategic direction of GDI and serve as the head of the organisation. In our first 18 months we have delivered projects with over 21 NFPs and Social Enterprises across 5 countries.

Data Scientist


Apr 2016 – Jun 2019 Auckland

Quantiful is a SaaS platform to help companies forecast time-series of SKU sales.

  • At Quantiful I architected and implemented Quantifuls forecasting engine used to forecast sales for all three major Telco’s within New Zealand.
  • Developed Quantifuls R&D Stream of work, enabling them to obtain over $1.2 million dollars in grants from the New Zealand Government.
  • Directly managed a team of seven (5 interns and 2 graduates).